Skin Conditions

“You are beautiful, when you make your skin comfortable”

Skin Conditions

Skin is the most complex organ of the body. But it is an extraordinary structure serving various functions. The different cell layers in the skin work in harmony to keep the skin healthy. It is the immediate organ in contact with the external environment and serves as a barrier from harmful physical effects. It keeps our body intact and senses vital information such as temperature, pain and pleasure.

Everyone aims for a healthy looking and youthful skin. However, skin is more susceptible to damage compared to any other organ in the body. EvElements such as sociocultural factors, socioeconomic factors, physical factors, occupation and inheritance play a vital role in skin disorders

Common Skin Disorders

Skin diseases are not strikingly dangerous except for skin cancers like melanoma or squamous cell carcinoma. However, being the first noticeable organ of our body, most skin diseases cause considerable discomfort and affects the patients quality of life physically and emotionally.

Common skin diseases known are:

  •   Acne
  •   Benign skin lesions like moles
  •   Skin cancers
  •   Contact dermatitis
  •   Eczema/ dermatitis
  •   Infections like fungal infections
  •   Lichen Planus
  •   Psoriasis
  •   Connective tissue diseases such as Lupus
  •   Photodermatitis
  •   Pigmentary disorders like Vitiligo
  •   Skin diseases due to internal disease like diabetes
  •   Warts

Handling Patients With Skin Disorders

At DermeCure we:

  •   Adapt a systematic approach to analyse the skin problems.
  •   Provide treatment for most of the common skin diseases on an outpatient basis.
  •   Offer diagnostic techniques like skin biopsy when required.
  •   Implement referral services to appropriate speciality hospitals for patients who require advance treatment such as in case of skin cancers.
  •   Keep our patients well-informed about their skin problems through information leaflets and visuals