Skin Guard Products

Skin Guard Products

Skin guard products at Derme cure offers protection from various external skin abusers. These products come with unique formula to protect your skin from stress such as UV rays, pollution, allergens and infections. Thus, these products avert blemishes, age spots acne spots, and pigmentation and indirectly retards aging.

Simple steps to guard your skin:


Use cleansers twice daily to remove the dirt and grime. Cleansers do not clog pores and are effective compared to bar soaps.

Using bar soaps on skin can alter the pH of the skin, resulting in bacterial lodge and infection. Soaps can rip off the natural oils in the skin and leaves your skin dry and textureless.


Applying toner after cleansing closes the pores and prevents clogging of pores and acne eruptions or infections.


Sunscreen is vital in protecting our skin from harmful effects of the UV rays. It prevents pigmentation, which is very common in Asian skin.

  •   Apply sunscreens 30 minutes before you go out in the sun
  •   Reapply every 1-2hrs whilst your are in sun or every 2-3 hrs when indoors
  •   Remember the windows at home or the car glasses do not protect us from the UVA rays. Hence, sunscreen is necessary daily care product.

Moisturisers: Moisturisers keeps your skin hydrated and prevents chapping of the skin. Apply body moisturisers at nighttime, when your skin is relaxed. If you generally have a dry facial skin, use moisturising night cream to maintain the suppleness of the skin.

Remember not to use any moisturisers in the morning, as it can aggravate tanning. It is important to understand that, most often the body skin and the facial skin are different and would require two different products. Consult the dermatologist to select the best-suited product for your skin.