Skin Refining Products

Aging is inevitable, but there are various products, which can delay aging or mask aged appearance. A youthful, fresh looking skin always captures everyone’s attention. Derme cure offers skin care products to re-define and rejuvenate your skin. These products can remove the fine wrinkles, furrows and tighten the sagging of skin.

Simple steps to get younger looking skin:

1. Diet :

Weight loss diet will only give you a perfect figure, but makes your skin dull and listless. A healthy diet, with lots of fruits and vegetables, especially those containing Vitamin C, A and E is essential for a younger and shinier skin.

2. Exercise :

Working-out improves blood circulation, which helps in rejuvenation of your skin. Daily 20-30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise is helpful for both healthy body and skin.

3. Skin rejuvenating products :

Along with lifestyle changes these products, helps you to maintain a younger looking and fresh skin. These products are useful to mask those usual age changes such as wrinkles, age spots and sagging.

It is important to understand that, most often the body skin and the facial skin are different and would require two different products. Consult the dermatologist to select the best-suited product for your skin. Product catalogue is available on consultation.