Stretch Mark Improvement

Stretch Mark Improvement

Stretch marks or striae are a type of scarring which occurs predominantly during pregnancy, muscle building and puberty due to hormonal changes. It is caused due to surge of glucocorticoid hormone, which affects the dermis and the connective tissues. Consequently, due to lack of supportive material under the skin, there is a tear during excessive stretching of skin.

There are various treatments available for stretch marks improvement.

Derme Cure offers the following for stretch marks improvement:

Derma Fillers

Fillers are wrinkle implants, also known as derma fillers or soft tissue fillers. It is used to fill the wrinkle lines and folds to give a firmer, smoother and younger appearance.

Derma roller technology

Derma roller, also called as micro-needling is a simple instrument which induces collagen production and reduces acne scars, chicken pox scars, fine wrinkles, stretch marks.