Under-eye circle treatment

Under-eye circle treatment

Under eye circles appears as the skin around the eyes becomes thin in texture. Hence, the superficial capillaries becomes more visible as dark bluish in colour. The skin thinning around the eyes could be hereditary or due to external factors. The causes and the treatment modalities are discussed further.

The main causes includes

ALLERGIE/ ECZEMA: Any condition that causes the eyes to itch can contribute dark circles due to rubbing and scratching the skin around the eye region. Some food allergies can also cause the eye region to appear darker.

MEDICATIONS: Any medications that dilate the blood vessels can cause dark circles around the eyes. Because the skin under the eyes is very delicate, any increased blood flow shows through the skin.

ANEMIA: Lack of nutrients in the diet, iron deficiency can cause dark circles due to less oxygen supply to the tissues. During pregnancy and menstruation the skin becomes more pale and the dark circles are more prominent

FATIGUE: Lack of sleep can cause pale skin which makes the blood the eye region to appear more darker resulting in under-eye dark circles.

HEREDITARY: Some people get this condition due to hereditary reasons.

AGEING: Dark circles become more noticeable and prominent with age , as the skin lose collagen and become more thinner and transluscent.

PERIORBITAL HYPERPIGMENTATION: This is more of a technical term for dark circle when the melanin produced around the eye region than normal causing dark circles.

SUN EXPOSURE AND STRESS: Sun exposure and stress can worsen the already existing dark circles.


Under-eye circles cannot be removed completely as we cannot change the appearance of the skin. However, with certain preventive and protective measures we can reduce the appearance of the circles

1. Protective measures: Wearing sunscreens regularly will reduce further darkening of the skin. Use Vitamin C serums and vitamin E serums at evenings, which will rejuvenate the skin around the eyes.

2. Preventive measures: Reducing stress on the skin around eyes by proper sleep and diet will help with reducing darkness. Stop smoking and reduce consumption of alcohol will also help.

3. Specific treatments:
- Topicals : Peptide, retinols and Vitamin K creams are known to strengthen the capillaries and enhance collagen production around the eyes.
- Chemical Peels: Mild exfoliation with Arginine and kojic peels will help minimise the pigmentation, when done in regular intervals
- Advanced Therapies: Collagen induction treatments such as PRP therapy can help strengthen the skin around the eyes.