Nail Conditions

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Nail Conditions

A healthy fingernail is a protective envelope to the finger tips and it is vital in defined movements of the fingers. Nails on the finger grow faster than on the toes. On an average, fingernails grow up to 0.1mm a day and toenails grow 1mm per month.

Nail disease is due to various factors like nutrition, medications, trauma, chronic medical problems and aging. Females regard healthy nails as an asset and any kind of nail disorder is a social concern.

Nail Disorders

Nail abnormalities include alteration in the shape and colour of the nail and abnormalities in the skin surrounding the nails. Nail is commonly involved in most of the skin disorders. Nails can also indicate internal diseases such as anaemia and lung abnormalities.

Local Nail Disorders:

  •   Nail infections- Bacterial, fungal, viral, candida
  •   Myxoid cyst
  •   Habit-tic
  •   Trauma
  •   Discoloration due to drugs

Nail Disease a Associated with Skin Disorders:

  •   Psoriasis
  •   Eczema
  •   Lichen planus
  •   Alopecia areata

Nail Disease Secondary to Medical Problems:

  •   Clubbing (bulbous swelling of nail bed)
  •   Cyanosis (bluish tinge of the nails)
  •   Koilonychia (spoon-shaped nails)
  •   Nail discolouration

What We Do At Derme Cure?

  •   Analyse the nail changes
  •   Diagnostic nail scraping and nail clipping when required
  •   Diagnostic nail biopsy when required
  •   Analysis of the skin to rule out associated skin disorders
  •   Request for appropriate blood investigations to rule out medical issues if any suspected.